For boiler plants and heat supply networks

The problem of proving reliable and constable heat supply for customers and first of all for population during the heating season is a pressing challenge of public utilities. At the present moment there are a lot of unsolved problems related to low quality of housing and communal services and incommensurable rates.The most urgent problems are:

  • high level of depreciation of the fixed assets (Central Heating and Power Plants, boiler plants, heat supply networks)
  • insufficiency of capital investments (particularly attracted investments)
  • high indebtedness of resource consumers
  • immature market infrastructure and lack of civilized competitive energy market

The heat supply problems accumulated for many years have a negative influence not only on the work of public utilities but on the fuel and energy complex of Russia as a whole. So the solution of the above problems is a key task for realization of the program for energy saving and enhanced energy efficiency.

"Energy Complex Integrator" proposes a range of measures directed at improvement of infrastructure of boiler plants and heat supply networks and enhanced energy efficiency.