About company

"Energy Complex Integrator" company is established by the Head Company of "Teplocom" Holding and is a part of "Teplocom" Holding. The company is involved in implementation of complex measures in the dwelling stock, on the objects of public sector and for organizations of housing and communal services.
The Federal Law # 261 «Concerning Energy Saving and Enhanced Energy Efficiency» from 23 November, 2009 determined the line of development of energy-saving field within the territory of the Russian Federation up to 2020. According to the Law:

  • The state determines and controls the realization of activity goal posts for energy-saving branch and energy efficiency enhancement
  • Local government bodies develop and control the realization of field-oriented programs and complex measures for energy efficiency
  • It is necessary to introduce the instrument account for all energy resources produced and consumed
  • Buildings, structures and objects of housing and communal services should be in accordance with the requirements of energy efficiency
  • A concept of "energy service contract" is introduced as an instrument for realization of complex measures and introduction of energy-saving equipment

The characteristic of realization of the Federal Law # 261 is that the sources of finance of energy-saving arrangements are the owners (of buildings, structures, apartments), and the budget finance mostly concerns the public sector objects and co-financing programs. In this connection there is an urgent necessity to attract funds from non-budget sources of finance and to develop financial schemes of realization of energy-saving measures.

"Energy Complex Integrator" possesses and runs a network of regional energy service companies in the territory of the Russian Federation. Complex energy-saving programs in the regions and municipal unions are realized with the assistance of non-budget sources of finance. The company cooperates with the major Russian and foreign manufacturers of metering devices and energy-saving equipment, and financial institutions as well.